Discharged batteries not recognized

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Re: Discharged batteries not recognized

Post by Mark » Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:05 am

Sorry about the problem with uploading the attachments.

I've just checked the settings and I've made some changes. The forum was originally setup to not allow text attachments - I had enabled them and I probably set the 3MB limit at the same time. Since these files are quite big and they're easily compressed, I've just disabled text attachments again so everyone will now need to zip files before attaching them. There was a 256KB limit which I've now raised to 4MB.

I'm not working on any display code at the moment - that can wait until we've got this version out. With the display being run by its own controller, the code for it can be pretty much independent of the code for the charger controller.

There isn't any specific part of the code that I'm looking for help with at the moment. I am pretty much out of flash now with still a few more features to add, so I'm going to have to look into ways to cut back on the code size a bit. I'm thinking about writing my own version of the EEPROMEx library to resolve a potential problem and also hopefully reduce the amount of flash it uses. If you've got any other suggestions for ways to reduce the program size, I'm all ears!

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