Guide to Flashing the Charger

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Guide to Flashing the Charger

Post by Mark » Tue Sep 24, 2013 12:39 pm

When setting up the Arduino IDE, you need to select "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini" for the board, and "ATmega328 (3.3V, 8MHz)" for the Processor.

I've personally tested and used Arduino 1.0.5 and 1.5.4 on Windows and they both work fine - I recommend 1.5.4 unless you've got a specific reason for sticking with the older version. It has been reported that on Linux, you need the 1.5 version for it to work properly.

If you're flashing via an FTDI board, the ground pin is on the right - the same side that the current selector switch is on and the SD card slots into. If flashing with an In System Programmer, pin 1 is on the right.

Please Note: Version 0.514 (and newer) of the code requires the fat16lib library to be installed - you can download a copy from: ...

You will need to install the above library into your Arduino libraries folder before you'll be able to compile the current version of the firmware!

Note: an easier method for updating the firmware can be found in the following thread:

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