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The Ultimate Dream Charger / Analyzer

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:46 am
by MartinB
... looks to me something like this:

I have been working some years ago on this project.
Actually it isn't as complex as one might think.
Yet frequency response analysis is incredible useful
to determine SOC and SOH.

What I'd like to have:
- freely programmable AC and DC current
- 20V, 1A per channel
- channels usable completely independent
- option to combine (bridge, stack) channels via software
- modular concept (add channels/addons when needed)
- precise measurement (voltage, current, maybe temperature)
- control via standardized protokoll to use
i.e. Matlab, LabView or anything the like
- maybe datalogging
- maybe realtime clock
- maybe ethernet

I am aware, that this is likely to be way out of scope here,
but hey: you asked for it ;-)

Best regards

Re: The Ultimate Dream Charger / Analyzer

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:50 pm
by MartinB
In case you wondered about what I meant with frequency
response analysis (actually "impedance spektroskopy" as a term would be more precise), this article will give you an idea: ... ung_29.pdf

In short: imagine plugging in a cell and the device will
tell you within seconds a quite good estimate of its
state of charge (SOC).
If the cell and it's SOC is known, the method allows estimating
the state of health (SOH).

Implementation of such methods in a consumer charger would be absolutely unique as far as I know.
I would love to see this :-)