Jog Dial

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Jog Dial

Postby 2114L3 » Sat Jun 28, 2014 8:25 am

as per my comment on the main site, i would dream of an interface using a quality jog dial for fast up/down selection on the LCD menu. with a push to select.
this could be in form of the ICE charger or like the old blackberrys with the half dial on the side.

what i dislike is up/down buttons that are placed left/right of each other. this is not intuitive and is a pet dislike of mine on other chargers, pc monitors and other device UIs

an extension to this are buttons on a side of an LCD that act as an extension of the screen. like an ATM where you have options onscreen that line up with a button. these are great for interactions as long as its not for up/down movement.

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